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Gum recession is a very common finding in most of us. There are some facts though that you may not be aware of: 

  • Gum recession is usually accompanied by bone loss. Basically you are losing support around your teeth but you only perceive it as “gum recession”. Continuing bone loss can lead to tooth loss.
  • Risks/Symptoms can be Tooth Sensitivity, Root Decay, Erosion, Horrible Esthetics, Food Trapping and even eventual tooth loss.

In addition, your roots are not covered by white enamel. Thus roots are quite soft and “defenseless” when recession has taken place in our mouths. Some times even regular brushing can further damage our roots and deteriorate their prognosis, simply because our roots cannot “resist” the forces applied by the tooth brush bristles.

What can we do?

Although in almost every case, we cannot regenerate your bone back, we can regenerate your gums and improve the prognosis of your tooth with a gum graft.


A Gum Graft:

  • Can reduce/resist further recession and bone loss, thus improving the long term prognosis and function of your tooth.
  • Can actually cover the part of your root that is exposed (recession) and protect the tooth from sensitivity & decay.

An additional welcome benefit from root coverage gum grafting, is that the esthetics are greatly enhanced and can lead to a truly engaging smile. You will look younger and more beautiful!

Whether you consider a gum graft for esthetics or whether you need it to improve your dental health, it may be worth having a consultation with your dentist to see if this procedure can benefit you in terms of Smiling, Eating, Comfort and Dental Health Improvement.

A Periodontist would be the specialist that can offer you your gum grafting options and evaluate your overall periodontal health.

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