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Whether you’re missing a tooth, have existing teeth that need to be replaced, or have another reason why you’ve been diagnosed to be in need of dental implants, finding a practice that best suits your needs may prove to be difficult. First and foremost, Courtenay Dental treats every patient as an individual. We understand that oral health care plays a major role in one’s sense of wellbeing. Confidence is at the heart of any smile. The team at Courtenay Dental wants to ensure that your smile comes from within. We treat you as a person, not as a procedure. That’s why you should choose Courtenay Dental when searching for dental implants in Comox Valley.

Don’t hide behind missing teeth or let an uneven smile affect your confidence. Dental implants will help with the appearance of your smile and function of your bite. Typically, implants last 30 years so they are a great alternative to dentures which need to be replaced after 5. Basically, our implant service surgically places a titanium screw into your jaw bone. A synthetic tooth or dental appliance can then use the screw to stay anchored down. Let us walk you through the details of the procedure and its benefits.

The team at Courtenay dental wants to make sure that you are fully informed and educated on the dental implant procedure. Each individual is different and we want to ease any anxieties you may have. It’s not about a single procedure but about your overall wellbeing and health. If you’re looking for Comox Valley dental implants, Courtenay dental treats everyone like family. We want to make sure that your smile shines from the inside out.


We want to manage your expectations and pride ourselves on listening to your needs while educating you on your treatment options. For Comox Valley dental implants, contact us today!

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