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It’s in the science…

Studies have shown that physical attraction is based on numerous different factors, predominantly revolving around a healthy gene pool. An indicator of good genetics is often correlated with symmetrical facial features and a mathematical approach to their positioning.

However there is more to defining dental beauty than just the positioning of your teeth. Fundamental to their appearance is the colour, which also indicates whether they are healthy and looked after. Gaps in the teeth, although endearing, are often an indicator of a neglected dental issue of the past.

So what do your teeth say about you?

Take a look in the mirror and smile. This is the image people see when they look at you – whether at a job interview, posing for a picture or simply smiling at someone else on the streets of Vancouver Island. How many strangers do you smile at every day?

Stains on your front teeth might suggest you drink a lot of coffee, wine and sugary drinks. Although these stains are inevitable over time, they give the impression that you do not keep on top of your dental hygiene. Similarly, crooked or chipped teeth give the impression your teeth have been neglected.

Advice from a cosmetic dentist…

A picture speaks a thousand words and your smile says a great deal about you. Defined corners and edges to teeth can often suggest an aggressive personality. Whereas, oval-shaped teeth can show off a shiny, white smile more easily and give the impression of an overall healthier mouth.

Perhaps your bite is a little too pronounced and you feel self-conscious of your mouth? Softening the teeth through cosmetic dentistry may be what you need to make your mouth look more delicate.

The experts at Courtenay Dental Practice on Vancouver Island can give a detailed analysis of your teeth. They are here to discuss what you want the rest of the world to see, when you smile back them!

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