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TMJ Therapy

TemporoMandibular Joint (TMJ) / TMD and Bite Problems

15-25% of the population has significant facial pain associated with the TemporoMandibular Joint (TMJ). The joint that connects your lower jaw to your skull is called the TemporoMandibular Joint (TMJ). They are the most complex joints in the body as they offer your jaw multiple movements. The lower jaw fits into the skull with a “disc” or shock absorber similar to ones in your back; situated in between the two bones. The proper function of the joint system of TMJ requires that the muscles, ligaments bones, discs, and most importantly the teeth are healthy and pain free.

The following is a simple checklist to see if you could have TMJ Disorder:


  • Do you experience pain in your face, ear, below or in front of your ears or get headaches that your medical doctor has not found a cause for?
  • Do your ears muffle or feel clogged?
  • Do your jaw joints hurt when you chew and/or do they make clicking, popping or crackling sounds?
  • Do you clench or grind your teeth when awake or asleep?
  • Has anyone ever told you that you make noise with your teeth at night?
  • Do you have headaches in the sides of your temples?
  • Are you able to open your mouth and move your jaw side to side fully and freely?
  • Do you experience times when your jaw feels locked?
  • Do you feel your teeth don’t fit together properly?
  • Does your bite feel comfortable? Is chewing easy?
  • Have you had dental pain that your dentist cannot find a cause for?
  • Are your teeth chipping and/or the front teeth worn for your age?
  • Have you noticed your teeth shifting over time for no apparent reason?
  • Do you have gum shrinkage and sensitive roots?
  • Have you had significant amounts of dental treatment over the years and your teeth still don’t feel right?

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