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Nowadays, one of the most desired treatments for your teeth is whitening. Everyone wants a white smile, not only because it looks great, but because it helps you appeal to others. When you have a great smile, you get all sorts of benefits. People view you as friendlier, more trustworthy, and more intelligent. It can also help your self-esteem. When you feel great about your smile, you feel great about yourself. So it’s no surprise that everyone wants whiter teeth. Now, the best way to get a whiter smile is to go to your dentist to undergo professional whitening, but there are some DIY methods that you can use to also improve the color of your teeth. While not as effective as professional whitening, they can help get you started, or help you maintain the great color that you have after professional treatment.

Here are 5 common foods that you can use to whiten your teeth over time.


Strawberries seem like a poor choice for whitening. They’re brightly colored and full of sugar. But they also contain an enzyme called malic acid, which can help whiten your teeth. You can mash up strawberries and rub them on your teeth. Leave it on for five minutes before rinsing them off and brushing your teeth.

Apples, Celery, Carrots.

Saliva is one of your mouth’s natural stain removers. For these options, their crunch factor helps scrub your teeth clean as you’re chewing. As a bonus, they also increase saliva production as you’re chewing.

Oranges, Pineapples.

Do you remember the last time you ate something sour or tart? Your mouth naturally produces more saliva when you do so, which helps remove stains on your teeth. Just make sure you’re not eating something too sour, like lemons, since the acid contained those fruits can damage your teeth.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great home remedy for removing plaque. Though it may not be the best idea to brush your teeth directly with baking soda, finding toothpaste that contains it can help whiten your teeth.

Yogurt, Milk, Cheese.

Due to proteins contained in dairy products, they can help whiten your teeth if you eat them often. In addition, if you’re eating something more solid like hard cheese, it also helps removes food products when you’re chewing it.

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