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Dentures are prosthetic teeth and gums that are applied in case of lost or removed teeth, gums or surrounding tissues. It may take several months for the patient to get used to their new teeth. During this time, the prosthesis may cause the patient to feel awkward and uncomfortable. It is normal to feel fullness or looseness in the mouth at first. During this period, which is also known as the habituation process, the cheek muscles and tongue of the person get used to the prosthetic tooth and after a while, it is not necessary to exert effort to keep the prosthesis in place.

Benefits Of Dentures

Dentures allow individuals to regain healthy chewing function and continue eating the same diet. The quality of the person’s life also increases with improved speech and enhanced aesthetic appearance during smiling.

Cleaning Dentures

Dentures need to be cleaned daily. Bactaria, tartar and plaque still build up on your artificial teeth and these can harm your existing teeth. Soak your dentures into warm water with denture cleaning tablet. You may want to use a specialist denture cleanser, which can remove odour-causing bacteria. Then, use a toothbrush to gently clean off any remaining debris and rinse your dentures thoroughly under running water.

Preserving Dentures

Always remember to remove your denture before going to sleep and submerge them fully in warm water.

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