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Most people know the three keys to maintaining optimal oral health: brushing, flossing and regular check ups at Courtenay Dental Health and Implant Centre. So what about Mouthwash? Most drug stores have a large selection of mouthwashes available, but how beneficial are they? 

The short answer is that mouthwash can help promote your oral hygiene when used as part of a full dental cleaning routine. Don’t think of mouthwash as a substitute for daily brushing and flossing, but rather an accessory. Having said that, mouthwash can be very beneficial to people who struggle to maintain their dental health because of bad habits or genetics.

A good strategy is brush for a full 2 minutes, floss thoroughly and then use mouthwash, in that order. Brushing will remove plaque and other bacteria on the surface of your teeth and flossing will take care of any remaining plaque between your teeth and gums that brushing can’t reach. After thoroughly cleaning your teeth, rinse with antibacterial mouthwash to kill any remaining germs in your mouth. This will minimize the chances of cavities and gum disease developing.

Talk to the experts at Courtenay Dental Health and Implant Centre to learn more about mouthwash and how to maximize the benefits of your daily home care routine, or book an appointment online.

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